"Windows Key + E"...replace to open FreeCommander

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"Windows Key + E"...replace to open FreeCommander

#1 Post by mirton » 08.09.2008, 13:16


My first post :)
Recently I switched to FC after using windows explorer. I've used other commanders in the past.

Anyway, while using WE, I used the Windows Key + E to open My Computer, which is a very good shortcut.
I was trying to find a way to modify this shortcut in order to open FC. Couldn't find anything, the only thing I found was how to disable the windows key.

If modifying this key is not possible then could someone tell me if I can assign a shortcut for maximizing FC? couldn't find one in the Keyboard shortcut list (only minimize).


It would be nice if the forum system would tell me that the title is too long instead of shortening it by itself :shock:

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#2 Post by mirton » 09.09.2008, 11:40

I must have not made myself clear, when I was asking about maximizing, is there an option to make it a global hot key, so that I can maximize it out of the task tray.

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#3 Post by infimum » 09.09.2008, 15:49

Have you heard of AutoHotKey?

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#4 Post by mirton » 09.09.2008, 15:53

Yes I have, I don't want to clog my task tray with as many running apps as possible. Maybe this might be a good new feature for FC, to implement global hot keys.

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#5 Post by Dreamer » 10.09.2008, 01:03

HotkeyP is easier to use, it's better for normal users.



BTW you can hide the HotkeyP tray icon and you can replace many other tools/programs with it.

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#6 Post by mirton » 10.09.2008, 11:58


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#7 Post by Pinstripe » 20.10.2008, 20:29

1. Start\Settings\Control Panel\Folder options\
2. Under the "File Types" tab, find "Folder", under the "File Types column".
3. Select it & open the "Advanced" box.
4. Under "Edit File Type" select "New..." Find FreeCommander's directory & open the program's "executable" file.
5. Select "OK"

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