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The future of FreeCommander

Posted: 23.11.2008, 13:40
by Marek
Hello FreeCommander friends,

having published the first version of FreeCommander on the Internet at the end of 2003, I never thought the program would be used by this many people. Actually, I just wanted to learn some Delphi. During that time I tried several free file managers but none of them really satisfied me, so I decided to program my own file manager. Knowing that, it is perhaps easier to understand why FreeCommander does not have Unicode support, for example. I just did not need that. Other attributes, which a file manager should actually have, are also missing in FreeCommander. In addition, there is quite a number of problems in FreeCommander (e.g. viewtopic.php?t=1454,
viewtopic.php?t=596 ), which have their origin in Windows or Delphi. Of course one could keep modifying the recent version and try to implement the missing attributes there and fix the bugs but such a thing is very difficult and time-consuming. All of this leads me to the opinion that now the time has come for a new version - a totally new version, not only an update!

Many of you might be disappointed that some of the functions will not be implemented in the recent version but I am confident that it will be worth waiting for a new version. At this point I would like to sincerely thank the authors of the numerous suggestions for improvement that reach me over the forum or via E-Mail.
Unfortunately, time constraints rarely permit me to answer every E-Mail personally. Of course I will try to implement as many of your suggestions as possible in the new version.

I cannot say when this new version will be finished. I also will not introduce a development plan – it is simply not possible with my schedule. Please don’t forget: FreeCommander is my spare time activity. I don’t know if I will be able to spend one, ten or more hours on it from week to week.

For the recent version I am planning an update in January or February of next year. This version will contain the functionality of the recent beta-version. I'm not planning any major changes or upgrades for that version. I’d like to use the time until January/February for fixing bugs and really small improvements.

I already started working on the new Version. As soon as there is something presentable, I will introduce it to the beta-users.

Posted: 08.08.2009, 13:39
by Marek
I have uploaded some screenshots from the new version

Re: The future of FreeCommander

Posted: 22.12.2010, 21:21
by Marek
The first public preview version of FreeCommander XE is available.

Re: The future of FreeCommander

Posted: 21.12.2013, 22:07
by Marek
It was long time but now the final version is done!