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FC does not show files when Thumbnail view is selected

Posted: 25.12.2008, 20:19
by RoyC

Thank you for developing FC, I have long been using this and my friends are also using it on my recommendation.

There are two problems that I have encountered:
1. If thumbnail view is selected, none of the Video Files in the folder are shown.

2. FC seems not to able to remember specific viewing preference (List, Details, Thumbnails) for specific folders.

Can these be resolved? If yes please tell me how. :?:

Thanks again to the developer of the Free Commander. :)

Posted: 26.12.2008, 14:21
by wkrekik
Can these be resolved?
I don't think so. "Thumbnail" specifically shows images in FC, and , concerning viewing preferences, FC remember your choice by pane and tabs, not by folder, with the exception of saved layouts.

If you wish this features being implemented in FC, post a request in "requested features" section.

Posted: 26.12.2008, 18:25
by RoyC
Thank you for the reply.

Interestingly all the other files which are not shown by FC are Video Files which are shown as thumbnails by Windows Explorer. :!:

I shall surely request this feature in the "request section".

Posted: 26.12.2008, 21:36
by Dreamer
Please read the forum rules and use the search before posting.

Display thumbnails also for videos

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