Don't open PM titled "Attention!" from laarissa721

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Don't open PM titled "Attention!" from laarissa721

#1 Post by animeaime » 13.01.2010, 23:20

Inside this PM is the following message.
laarissa721 wrote:Hello, my friend. I found report about your computer's security at:

http: // detected. co. cc/ animeaime

Please, take this into account.
Best regards, Forum Member )
Note: I added spaces to the URL to ensure it's not clickable.

I assume this link leads to a virus of some form or fashion. Again, do not open this email. Please delete immediately.

Doing a google search shows this post mentioned elsewhere as well - More Pm Spam - The M3cutters - UK BMW M3 Group Forum

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#2 Post by Papakid » 14.01.2010, 02:41

I get the same altho with my user name at the end of the link instead of yours. Sounds like purveyors of scareware.

I've sent a PM to Site Admin Dreamer so that this can be dealt with quickly, I hope.

This is going around many forums so they are probably using a forum spamming program. Another report of similar here--well I don't have enough posts to include the link.

And it's not just VB forums--this site is phpBB.

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#3 Post by Papakid » 14.01.2010, 02:42

I guess there is no such similar restrictions on links in PM's.

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#4 Post by phedlund » 14.01.2010, 03:02

I just was sent a message in the same way
Thank goodness for Avast.

It would be nice if laarissa721 was locked out of the forum.

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#5 Post by Timelord » 14.01.2010, 06:40

I followed the link.
Tjhere's a page which suggests your pc in infected.
It's scam. Don't click OK anywhere. Close all windows and dialogboxes.

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#6 Post by enkryptor » 14.01.2010, 08:41

It's safe to open the PM itself, but it's better not to follow the link.

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#7 Post by matera » 14.01.2010, 16:05

I must have had one of those too, I had an e-mail notification but no message here today. Thanks for the cleanup, Dreamer.
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#8 Post by animeaime » 15.01.2010, 02:41

Got the same message, this time from a user "yaniick719".

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#9 Post by Papakid » 15.01.2010, 03:11

Now LadyAdministrator is getting in on the act. New message that is much more convincing as s/he is pretending to be a admin at this forum. Check her profile--she just joined the forum today so obviously bogus.

Here's the new message (I disabled the URL--also substituted the word dot for the dot's at the end that looks like a URL--looks like all links have been disabled now):
Dear, Papakid!

A virus alert was noticed on your computer.
We highly recommend you to check your computer and perform online virus check at our site immediately: antivirus-dot-effectmeds-dot-com/Papakid
Sincerely, Forum Administration forum-dot-freecommander-dot-com.
I think I'll start a new topic as someone might fall for this, altho I think most freecommander people won't.

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