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filter timeout

Posted: 11.10.2010, 16:13
by hansencomputers
This is my first post on the forum.

My question is in regards to the File Filter. Is there a setting that will time-out the file filter? I would like to stop filtering automatically after a given period of time, like say 5 minutes, and revert to showing all files. Just wondering if there is a setting for this?

Mike H

Re: filter timeout

Posted: 12.10.2010, 02:59
by matera
No, you have to turn it off manually. Interesting idea, though.

Re: filter timeout

Posted: 12.10.2010, 13:20
by hansencomputers
Yes, it would be a nice feature. I have a problem in that I don't always notice my filtering is on. I have set the text in the address bar to turn red, but it is not noticeable enough for me. I would like to see the timer feature, but would settle for a way to make the fact that I am filtering more noticeable.

When I use the Quick Filter feature, I have set it to change the entire pane bright red. I never miss that. So... I can extend my original question, and ask if there are ways to make the filtering more noticeable, similar to the quick filter capability?

Mike H

Re: filter timeout

Posted: 14.10.2010, 22:24
by BezantSoft
Interesting idea on filters.
If it is done, there ought to be a dropdown or such for the length of the timeout, with the topmost choice as "never".