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Can Size column contents be right justified/aligned

Posted: 19.11.2007, 05:04
by poisonu
Good Day,

I have done a search, but couldnt find anything about it....

In view details mode....,
..can the Size column's content be right justified/aligned?

Thank You Very Much,


Posted: 19.11.2007, 16:03
by Fad
Yes it can....

Extras Menu > Settings > View > Custom Columns (profiles)

Inside there you can set up your columns to behave exactly how you want, to be sized, aligned etc

Posted: 20.11.2007, 01:36
by poisonu
Good Day Fad,

Greatly Appreciate your Very Helpful reply....

I must be blind, as I had already defined custom columns used in a couple of layouts....
..and didn't notice that capability.....

Thank You Very much,
Best wishes,