Salutes to FC and its creators

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Salutes to FC and its creators

#1 Post by vsrawat » 03.10.2012, 05:25

When I had installed windows 7 on my xp pc, I was at a total loss with w7's windows explorer. It has default view and options changed, it showed a lot of systems folders at the top of the tree, "computer" wasn't even expanded to show partitions, let alone show folders, folder option was hidden somewhere or not at all there, scrolling mouse doesn't scroll the list of folders in left pane or files in the right pane, unless you specifically click inside a pane.

And the worse, whatever you do, the settings didn't "stick". You do lot of work in windows explorer to set it for your working, close and reopen it, and all the settings changes you have made were all gone, and it behaved like fresh from factory as described above.

To tell you, I gave up w7 for the single reason of windows explorer, and resumed using xp. With so much usages of windows explorer for any user each day, I couldn't waste so much time and effort with the changed windows explorer.

And then, someone in Mozilla fora probably shared with me about FC.

I tried it, and it was what original windows explorer was, and it was much much much more. The best part was multi tabs. (I never used two panel, can't spare so much screen space for FC to display two panels). With multi tabs, I can keep 4-5 of my most frequently used folders always open, click between them at a click, and drag drop files right in single pane. No tedious selection of folder each time. It also has dos box, it also has filter, it also has settings saving and backup. It was eons ahead of MS windows explorer.

So, I switched to FC, restarted using W7, and this time I could manage it. later on, I even deleted xp and now for about 3 years, I am in w7, and happy with it. It is very stable system and I didn't have to reformat-reinstall it even once in 3 years. XP required reformat-reinstall every 4-6 months, wasting so much time.

So, I can never thank FC creators enough. Without it, I couldn't have even gone to w7.

And the development continues, new versions are released, though very very slow, one in every two years or so, but this probably shows that FC has already achieved perfection so not many changes are required.

Thanks for this lovely product.

My humble salute to you all.

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