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folder sync win7 access denied

Posted: 21.12.2012, 16:51
by micksepp
first: obligatory props for great software!
second: problem when trying to sync folders under win7pro 64bit-assuming due to read-only attributes? anyone knows work-around? greatly appreciate your help!


Re: folder sync win7 access denied

Posted: 11.01.2013, 02:32
by Scott_Y
First, I agree entirely with you: FC is outstanding!

Second, I doubt that the read-only attribute is the cause of the problem -- it means you can't change the file, but there shouldn't be any restriction against copying it.

- Do you have this problem with every file you are trying to sync, or do some files succeed?
- Is your destination a system folder which might have limited access?
- Are you trying to sync from a backup to the Windows installation? Including an automatic two-way sync back from the destination to Windows.
- Can you do a regular copy to that destination (not using FC's sync function)?
- You might test by copying or syncing to a different destination.

Re: folder sync win7 access denied

Posted: 23.02.2013, 11:01
by micksepp
hi, thanks for the reply, late answer does not mean less interest.
only one folder actually blocked the whole syncing due to lengthy filename. thx for help

Re: folder sync win7 access denied

Posted: 23.02.2013, 16:18
by Scott_Y
Thanks for the follow-up, micksepp.
It would have been easier for you if FC had reported the reason for the failure.

I don't use FC's sync feature (FreeFileSync meets my specific needs better) so I can't speak from experience here. But from a user-friendly standpoint, I think a sync operation should:
1. Complete the parts which are possible, and
2. Report the failures.

From your report, micksepp, it sounds like one failure in the sync halted the entire operation, and without any indication of the reason.

Has anyone else had a similiar experience? Thanks.