Cannot sort by clicking the bar above the file list.

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Cannot sort by clicking the bar above the file list.

#1 Post by 2_i » 16.04.2013, 01:34

In many programs, including FreeCommander 2009 and, at times, FreeCommander XE, a file list may be sorted by clicking the column header above the file list, specifying the property in the column, such as Name, Size, Date, etc.. Subsequent clicks toggle the sort order. This sometimes works in FreeCommander XE and sometimes not, on one computer or another. When it does not work, the click of the bar does nothing. I cannot figure out why it works or not. Obviously when it does not work, it is a shortcoming. Am I missing something? Of course there are other options of arriving at the sorting, but more clicks, more keys etc., involved make it less convenient. I tried to search the forum to find a discussion of this, but could find any pertaining discussion.

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