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when will the new 2008 version be released?

Posted: 05.06.2008, 07:29
by zing
It is June now,I look forward to seeing it so much. :D

Posted: 06.06.2008, 12:23
by chabulier
:D I believe it will be soon.
Just now see the download top list in site, FreeCommander half year not updated still on the top 7th. It's a miracle.
snapfiles dot com

Posted: 10.06.2008, 21:03
by solipsist
just send the dude a donation, tbh!

Posted: 15.06.2008, 18:57
by Marek
Just released.

Posted: 17.06.2008, 08:27
by wsc0918
FC is my most favorite software~
Really thanks a lot for your effor! :D