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Auto quick filter + plain view

#1 Post by Dreamer » 10.10.2020, 12:52

Windows Explorer has this feature and it was already requested in the forum.

In Explorer (Windows 10 2004, possibly older versions too) it's possible to start typing and press Enter to search item in current folder and subfolders and automatically filter the items.

In FC we have to enable Plain view, activate Quick filter and then type the text, after that we have to disable both modes, or change folder and go back - moreover, keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+B and Ctrl+Y) are not easy accessible, at least on QWERTY keyboards.

My suggestion is the option "Include subfolders" for quick filter, and "Automatically activate quick filter when start typing".

If both options above would be enabled, it would be working even better as in Explorer, we could just start typing, plain view would be enabled automatically, quick filter would be activated (and perhaps the first item could be focused).

Workaround solution, option "Include subfolders" for quick filter and another option - when start quick search, type "test" for example, activate quick filter - and automatically add the text from quick search to quick filter field.

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