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alias name for favorites

#1 Post by struve13 » 18.11.2020, 18:30

I have been a user of FreeCommander for a long time and a donor for awhile.

Like the application from the beginning and have been pleased as it still gets

better and better.

So suggestion #1:

In favorites it would be nice to have an user specified "alias" for the favorite

directory instead of just the "tail of the" full path.


Because I often have different directories with the same "tail":

My C++ projects c:\c_plus_plus\projects

My Python projects: c:\python\projects

Backup for my Python projects F:\backup\python\projects

I could use an alias to name them cpp_projects, py_projects, py_bak_projects

I could use the full path name, but that is a bit long, with the alias people could use it if

they liked.

So in the display of favorites we might see:

python projects ( projects )
c++ projects ( projects )

What do you think, worth doing?


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Re: alias name for favorites

#2 Post by Marek » 18.11.2020, 19:44

Open the favorite tree (Alt+F), select one favorite, press F2, rename the favorite with your alias.

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Re: alias name for favorites

#3 Post by struve13 » 21.11.2020, 04:01

Ok, I get it now, you have to use the favorite tree which is not the favorite menu, they are different things, alt-f is kinda key. Thanks.

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Re: alias name for favorites

#4 Post by ralfso » 23.11.2020, 10:21

You can also use favorites menu > Favorites - edit
Then rename concerned favorites to alias nemes.

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