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841 - Unpack in subfolders (not in .zip file name subfolder)

Posted: 03.02.2021, 15:21
by kino

My case setup is pretty simple :

2 zipped .txt files a.txt and b.txt in their respective archives and in their respective folders folder_A and folder_B :
zip files setup under respective folders.png
zip files setup under respective folders.png (21.89 KiB) Viewed 3144 times

When I requested unpack under subfolder :
I expected to retrieve a.txt in folder_A and b.txt in folder B but what I actually get i a.txt in folder a, b.txt in folder b, those two new folders a and b at the same level as folder_A and folder_B :
NOK_unpacked_under_zip_name_folder.png (21.25 KiB) Viewed 3144 times
I guess that's the regular feature behavior (?)

...would it be possible (please) to add an extra option in order to extract each selected archive in the root of it's containing folder ?