Rename window upgrades - visuals and inconsistent behavior

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Rename window upgrades - visuals and inconsistent behavior

#1 Post by Forez » 11.03.2021, 16:06

We finally have a pup up window for situation like when we are trying to rename a file which we forgot is opened is some software- thus blokes [ ... =20&t=8190]

Thank you Marek for this upgrade - but here are my thought:

1] The Rename window does not have the "X" icon for closing

2] The Rename window should pop up always in the center of the screen - or at least give the user should be given a choice where that window is to be placed [in the last remembered position or in the center]. It is simply annoying when the file in question somewhere in the upper right corner but the rename window shows up in the lower left- if it will be always in the center then the user will know where to go immediately without thinking; as it is there where the first pop-up window will show up [the one saying that the there is some sort of blockade]. I view this dichotomy as inconsistent behavior

3] There is no need at all for two different windows to pup-up: first the about blockade and afterwards the Rename window. They should be merged into one window, as it would speed up the workflow and reduce the usage of left mouse buttons

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