Recursive expand/collapse of favorites tree

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Recursive expand/collapse of favorites tree

#1 Post by tbttfox » 12.03.2021, 01:16

I'm in the process of building a pretty deeply nested favorites tree, and it would be *really* nice to have a hotkey to recursively expand or collapse it.
This exists in other softwares with either ctrl+click or shift+click

[EDIT] Some more context, because my suggestion seemed vague after re-reading.
What I'm suggesting is that shift-clicking on an expanded nested folder will collapse it, and all of its children, but leave the parents alone.
Also, when I say "click on a folder" here, I really mean the ">" and "v" collapse/expand icons.

Say I've got something nested 5 folders deep and all the folders are currently expanded.
If I shift click on the third nest, it will collapse (plus all of its children), so then when I click it again normally to expand it, we should see the fourth depth collapsed.

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