Recently Opened Files list please

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Recently Opened Files list please

#1 Post by ddt » 23.04.2014, 20:57

I'm looking forward to using your file manager, particularly since Win7's native file manager is buggy. I've been using XYplorer with TerraCopy and 7zip for awhile now, but its not really portable. And here's why I'm so interested in your work: I work out of several office (3+) and take my work with me on Thumbdrives. What I miss is having a list of recently opened files, because that list is local or on the PC. Is there a way to have FreeCommander show a list of recently opened files (with links to open them) or is that a feature you could add?

I'd be willing to donate to this feature request. And thank you for your work!

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Re: Recently Opened Files list please

#2 Post by freecicero » 13.07.2017, 19:49

Today I ran across the same question asked by this poster. Is there a way to get easy access to recently opened files?

I used the search function to look for files from today, and that works ok, but it also throws in the folders which I don't want to see along with the files.

Best would be, as the poster implies, an automatic list of recently opened files. Is that currently a feature, planned, or possible?


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Re: Recently Opened Files list please

#3 Post by ralfso » 14.07.2017, 14:52

If you only need it for tha actual PC, you can use the recent files folder of the OS:

(Win 10, 7)

Make a Favorite folder, a locked Tab or something else to have a quick access to this folder.

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