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Help - Keyboard Shortcuts

#1 Post by vsrawat » 15.08.2014, 08:44

I am on latest public beta on win8.

I wanted to know about keyboard shortcut for something, so I clicked on Help - Keyboard Shortcuts.
Nothing happened, I clicked several time nothing happened.

Then later I noticed that it has opened as many tabs in my browser that are showing Keyboard Shortcuts.

Good enough. I was at a loss because it didn't "switch" to the browser when it opened the file there.

Just, some message would help there that tells that this "Help - Keyboard Shortcuts" is giving the information in browser.

Probably because disk file name is .htm, it opens in default browser. If the name of the file had been .txt or .doc it would have opened in the respective software that would have been noticeable.


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Re: Help - Keyboard Shortcuts

#2 Post by horst.epp » 15.08.2014, 09:58

There is no problem at all with this !
Pressing Keyboard shortcuts opens a browser windows with the default browser on top of any other open windows.
If this does not happen on your system you have some problems with your browser or system settings.
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Re: Help - Keyboard Shortcuts

#3 Post by Dreamer » 15.08.2014, 12:56

It works good here, either, FC 6681 (test release), Win Vista 32 bit.

BTW if you need the list of keyboard shortcuts, you can go to main menu > tools > define keyboard shortcuts... - there is a full list with description on click (it's just a workaround).

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