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Please support wdx format plugins

Posted: 04.09.2014, 14:57
by JohnFredC
Please consider supporting WDX format plugins. After WLX, WDX is the most important for me and, for certain tasks, I have to return to that "other" commander because of the values the WDX plugins provide, not only to the columns shown in the file lists, but also for renaming, search, and filtering activities.

Though XE already supports the basic Explorer data values, WDX plugins provide an hugely enhanced list of calculated values, some of which I greatly miss in XE (such as: age in [days|minutes], descript.ion comments, recursive file/folder counts formatted to fit one column, hash values).

Since WDX is an open interface that any programmer can write to, the community jumped in quickly with many useful plugins.

WDX plugins originated with that "other" commander, so it's name appears in the following web page that lists some of the plugins available. But scroll through the list to see how radically support for them would increase FC XE's utility for many of us.

WDX plugin list

Since FC already usefully supports many WLX plugins (for QwikView), IMO support for WDX is a logical next step.

Re: Please support wdx format plugins

Posted: 25.01.2015, 10:15
by Timon

FC XE possibilities will increase significantly after wdx support implementation.

Re: Please support wdx format plugins

Posted: 12.08.2015, 14:11
by cadudesun

Re: Please support wdx format plugins

Posted: 12.08.2015, 15:38
by therealjd
i'm new to using the plugins. but from what i see, there's some awesome wdx plugins available.

+1 :D