Log - Undo workaround feature

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Log - Undo workaround feature

#1 Post by Dreamer » 22.11.2014, 22:49

Since UNDO feature is probably not so easy to implement, what about this feature, as workaround, for better control. The history of visited folders are saved already, so what about...

...log file with the list of last operations (delete/move/copy/rename...) and the toolbar button with the list of last 10 operations, perhaps also with time. The rest would be saved in file.

I don't know if this would be easier to implement as UNDO, but if yes, it would be very helpful workaround IMHO. Often users are not sure if they moved a file or not, if they moved the file to correct folder - in such cases it would be useful.


Code: Select all

22:35:45 - file c:\pictures\abcd1.jpg deleted
22:36:21 - file c:\pictures\abcd2.jpg moved to c:\pictures\test\abcd2.jpg
22:37:58 - file c:\pictures\abcd3.jpg renamed to efgh3.jpg
22:38:18 - file c:\pictures\abcd4.txt created
Perhaps, if possible, clicking the line with the item could open the path / new path and perhaps even focus the file, to easily move the file back. With or without this sub-feature it would be something like MANUAL UNDO.

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Re: Log - Undo workaround feature

#2 Post by Timon » 24.03.2015, 20:44

Excellent idea!

I really miss this feature in FC XE.
It's pretty good implemented in Multi Commander. There are different Log levels (Debug with 4 different modes, Information - default logging model with minimum info, Warning, Error, Fatal), ability to switch on/off what file operations to log (copy/delete/move/rename/create and logging extended file operations info).
But it would be good to implement even the simpliest logging in FC XE.

Enclose example log (Information) from MC

2015-03-24 22:37:56.888 File operations log started.
2015-03-24 22:38:01.982 Folder Created "C:\1234567890\3"
2015-03-24 22:38:04.685 Copied : "C:\1234567890\1.txt" => "C:\1234567890\3\1.txt" - 5 bytes in 1ms - Average Speed : 5000 bytes/sec (4,9 КБ/sec), Read data time 1ms (4,9 КБ/sec), Write data time 1ms (4,9 КБ/sec)
2015-03-24 22:38:45.170 Copied : "C:\1234567890\2\bugreport.txt" => "C:\1234567890\3\bugreport.txt" - 31308 bytes in 1ms - Average Speed : 31308000 bytes/sec (29,9 МБ/sec), Read data time 1ms (29,9 МБ/sec), Write data time 1ms (29,9 МБ/sec)
2015-03-24 22:40:03.466 Deleted : C:\1234567890\3\1.txt

By the way, for each program start in MC new log is created. And this is really right solution.

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Re: Log - Undo workaround feature

#3 Post by Ivkosky » 24.07.2015, 16:15

+1 I think this is a much needed feature, in one way or another.

For instance, I have copied some folders to a large directory today and only then I have realised that I needed to delete some files from these folders (and I couldn't use the search button, as I didn't remember the names of the files I had to delete or the folders I copied - they didn't have user-friendly names...). So I ended up searching for them manually, going from folder to folder in the directory to find them and delete them. If I had undo for the last action I did, this would prevent such a situation.

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Re: Log - Undo workaround feature

#4 Post by stephen147 » 17.11.2016, 19:38

That's how imagine the undo feature to work by creating log files with timestamps on them and all Freecommnder needs to do is parse that file or files and repeat the action on the files list inside the log file. 100's of log files could be stored leaving you with 100's separate levels of undos/redos.

As a lifetime donor I would love if this would/could be implemented. Other than that, this program has everything I need.
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Re: Log - Undo workaround feature

#5 Post by Timon » 18.11.2016, 06:31

In some way Undo already works viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7573

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