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Save sort per folder

Posted: 04.12.2014, 17:09
by jsreynolds
One of the things I really love that XYplorer does is the ability to save the sort order per folder. This is huge for me because there are many folders I want sorted in different manners. It doesn't just do it per panel, but rather identifies the folder and sorts it the way I last saved the sort.



Re: Save sort per folder

Posted: 04.12.2014, 18:35
by afh
I have never used this feature, but it should be possible.

Go to view -> column profiles -> profile settings. For each profile you define you can set a condition.


Re: Save sort per folder

Posted: 04.12.2014, 19:36
by jsreynolds
That's a bit more "clunky" than I was looking for. As an example:

In XYplorer you have a button, which when clicked will save the sort order of an active pane. That's really simple and quick to do. When you navigate to a folder which has a saved sort order, the icon changes so you can tell the sort is active. You can change the sort and click the button again to override the previous setting for the folder. Or, you can click the same button yet again to remove the saved sort order for the folder.

I hope that makes sense. Basically it's a very, very fast way of saving sort orders.

Re: Save sort per folder

Posted: 05.12.2014, 00:18
by jsreynolds
I tried to do a quick (lame) video showing the idea.