Bkp_Settings_2015-01-26 11-56-54, is not clear

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Bkp_Settings_2015-01-26 11-56-54, is not clear

#1 Post by vsrawat » 26.01.2015, 07:59

You are giving the name of the backup folder as Bkp_Settings_2015-01-26 11-56-54

Frankly, when we save it somewhere in our harddisk, or load at it googledrive or somewhere on net,
later on we are not able to understand what this file/ folder was.

How do we know among our several files backed up, that this is fc thinggy?

currently, we have to add that fc_ thing that adds additional step before safe keeping it.

1. So, please add some "fc" identifier somewhere in the name itself so that we can just understand looking at it that it is fc backup.

2. it is a folder having several files,
Google drive doesn't support uploading folders, (at least for firefox that I use, though it says that use chrome to upload folders)

So, we have to manually make a zip of the folder and then upload it to google drive.

giving a single zipped file would have been convenient for copying it elsewhere in our harddisk or saving on net google drive.

Though, that would involve fc to save and then to be able to read from that single zipped file so that we don't have to unzip it if we ever want to restore from the backup.

Hope you would give a thought to this.


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