Three windows instead of two or one

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Three windows instead of two or one

#1 Post by Forez » 13.05.2016, 20:02

Right now, FreeCommander can be used with two windows or in a single-window-mode

How about adding the ability to display a third window? A full implementation of such a feature would require a lot of work, because it could be affected by a lot of settings; and probably would cause a lot of bugs. But this could be done also in a shortcut way:
- designating [naming, setting; whatever] the third windows always as a middle one
- not giving the middle window all the features available for the left and right one, especially not being able to be evoked by shortcuts
- automatically doubling the split bar [putting it on the left and right side of the middle window]

Many times when I'm working I need a third window to display a third folder; switching to it [and back from it] by clicking a folder tab is just not as effective

There is already space for a third window on a panoramic screen [16:9]. But as times goes by, the will be more and more users with ultra wide [21:9] screen, that would like to take advantage of what such screens can offer

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