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Linux Version

Posted: 29.11.2016, 17:09
by rgwien
Or operation desired with wine.

Increasingly annoying about Windows 10 updates

I want to switch to Linux.

Re: Linux Version

Posted: 23.12.2016, 22:20
by freecicero
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I had some limited success but not where I'd like to be....

Re: Linux Version

Posted: 10.01.2017, 14:52
by freecicero
The program functions very nicely, and is tantalizingly close to working with full usability, except for what appears to be a problem with file associations, and/or the fact that the "lister" - the main panel which shows the contents of each directory, doesn't allow any operations to be performed. Double-clicking on the file doesn't open it, and right-clicking and selecting OPEN doesn't do anything either. I don't think the rename function works, and probably delete as well, but the central issue seems to be that the file types don't seem to be associated with any external program and I can't figure out how to get past that.

Interestingly, launching DOES work for files that have been added to the FAVORITES pane, which is one of the main uses I have for the program. So there is something about how the two panes function differently that causes the problem.

One work-around I have found is that if I add my main applications to the favorite toolbar, i can select the file in the lister and then start the file by clicking on the associated program in the toolbar. Not elegant, but it does launch the right program.

If anyone has any I ideas I would appreciate hearing them!