Add "1 h difference ignore" option for "Folder -> Compare"

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Add "1 h difference ignore" option for "Folder -> Compare"

#1 Post by HansS » 23.12.2016, 17:57

Due to the stupid DST handling in MS-Windows the file time can change by 1h if DST status changes :evil:, and this depends on the used file system. E.g. if you copy files form NTFS-HD to FAT-USB-stick in summer, then compare in winter (ore vice versa), you will notice that time of some files differs by 1h (+/- 1s). So without an option to ignore this 1 h difference the "Folder -> Compare" is in many cases not useful, and this "1 h difference ignore" option should be supported for "Folder -> Compare" (like already done for "Folder -> Synchronize").

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