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Global quick search

#1 Post by CabbageTree » 07.02.2017, 18:26

Hello there,

I really like the History and Favorite Tree. It is huge helper and I use it all the time. But: Since my FavTree is growing significantly large, it sometimes takes a while to find the item I have'nt been using a while. There is nice function called Quick Command in Vivaldi browser: When hitting F2 small window pops up with searchfield: When typing, quick search performs (history, favorites, settings…). This really saves time.

Imagine you have sometihing like this in FC: When hitting particular keyboard shortcut, quick, small search-window appears to search History, Favorite folders, (maybe opened tabs,…).

What do you think?

And anyway: The searchfield at the bottom Favorite Tree (same as Quick filter [Ctrl+Y] is for the L & R panel) would be fantastic!

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Re: Global quick search

#2 Post by Dreamer » 08.02.2017, 00:04


Already requested...

Universal quick search field for everything
Universal quick search field as a toolbar "button" to search everything, everywhere. With the button with submenu (same as flat view for example) to search in the following locations:

- everywhere (all items below)
- local hard drive - current path in active pane
- all local hard drives
- network
- favorite tools
- (windows) start menu
- (windows) control panel
- (windows) desktop
- (windows) system directories

...perhaps also
- filter (same function as current quick filter in the status bar)

+ option to make any option default

Then results would be show in menu and the first one would be selected, it would be possible to select other items with arrows and then immediately start selected item with Enter.
Another similar request:

Quick Search in Favorite tools

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