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Multi Rename input focus

#1 Post by AimHere » 22.03.2017, 15:05


I have a request regarding the "Multi Rename" feature.

When the Multi Rename dialog first opens, the input (typing) focus is always on the "Pattern/File name" text box. So if I were to start typing, it would replace the base filename of all the listed files with the text I type. But it's rarely (if ever) that I want to completely replace the base filename of multiple files like this. (Though I do understand where it would be desirable. e.g. giving all files a common base name with a counter appended.)

More often, I just want to replace a substring within the filename, common to all the files selected. So I always find myself tabbing to or clicking on "Search and Replace/Search for" before I can type. For my purposes, it would be far more useful to have the initial focus on that text box.

I was wondering whether a setting could be added to specify which field ("file name" or "search for") will have initial focus when the Multi Rename dialog opens?


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