Sort by - ascending / descending identification

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Sort by - ascending / descending identification

#1 Post by Dreamer » 29.04.2017, 13:22

When using any form of sorting items in FreeCommander, there's no identification if the items are sorted ascending or descending (except for Details view column header). There's no way to find this information in other view modes (list, thumbnails..).

Here are few suggestions:

1. Use 2-state icons.

Clicking the button once would highlight the button (blue color), clicking it again would change the icon and sorting order.


Code: Select all

ascending / descending 

 A. ...       Z. ...
 Z. ...       A. ...
2. Use 1-state icons and 1-state actions.

In other words, clicking "AZ..." icon would sort by Name ascending only and clicking "ZA..." icon by Name descending. Disadvantage is that we'd need 2x more buttons/icons in toolbar.

3. Use multiple-state Sort by icon.

This would change the main "Sort by" icon by sorting, so we could select any option from the drop down menu and the icon will be changed by this option.


Code: Select all

sort by name ascending
 A. ...
 Z. ...

sort by name descending
 Z. ...
 A. ...

sort by date ascending
 1. ...
 2. ...

sort by date descending
 9. ...
 8. ...
Any suggestions / comments are welcome.

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