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Move without directories

Posted: 03.05.2017, 16:51
by rienvanham

I tried to figure it out but couldn't find the answer:

What I would like to do:

On 2 different disks I have trees with a lot of directories. Everyday I want to move new files from my first harddrive (pc) to my second harddrive (nas). It sounds easy: select all directories and F6. correct! But I don't want to destroy my directorystructure on my pc.

So, the simple question is:
How can I move files from one harddrive to another (pc to nas) WITHOUT destroying my directorystructure on the pc? So, only move the files and not the directories?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Move without directories

Posted: 03.05.2017, 19:54
by Timon
1. 'Search files/directories' Alt-F7 - open 'Timestamp/Size/Attr' tab, in 'Attributes' uncheck 'Directory' and press 'Find' button. In search results you'll see only files. Select all of them with Ctrl-A, press right mouse button, choose Cut and then paste them where you want.


2. In main menu 'View' - 'Plain view - files'. Only files would be shown and you can move them where you want.

Re: Move without directories

Posted: 04.05.2017, 06:10
by rienvanham
Hi Timon,

That's not what I'm searching for because it destroys the directorystructure on my nas-side. I want the directorystructure on both sides be equal; e.g.:



have to move to mynas):


without destroying the directories:


Thanks for thinking with me!

Rien van Ham

Re: Move without directories

Posted: 04.05.2017, 07:10
by Timon
You want to move folders to destination, but don't want to delete them in source.
So just instead of Move, make Copy. After copy operation is finished, use search or plain view to find only files and simply delete them at harddrive.

Re: Move without directories

Posted: 04.05.2017, 08:00
by Karol
Check the synchronize function.

Re: Move without directories

Posted: 04.05.2017, 18:42
by rienvanham
Thanks for your tips guys but it can be more convenient: just add a checkbox "only files" to the move-dialog and voila! Until for short I have been using "DirectoryOpus" which has this functionality by adding a copy/move filter. But DO is much too heavy. Now I switched to FreeCommander.



Re: Move without directories

Posted: 18.06.2017, 07:18
by profrd
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