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enhancement delete-dialog

#1 Post by rienvanham » 08.05.2017, 04:16

steps to reproduce the inconvenient:

1) move to the "temp"-folder ("c:\users\xxxxx\appdata\local]temp")
2) select all files
3) press SHIFT-del
4) RUN
5) A dialogue appears with a warning (translated "file is in use... Close the file and try again") with buttons "try again" and "cancel".

the dialogue under number 5 comes for every file that can't be deleted.

1) add a checkbox "repeat for every file" or
2) add a button which stops the whole delete-proces

Otherwise, if you aren't lucky, you can click the "cancel"-button until your arm hurts ... :?


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Re: enhancement delete-dialog

#2 Post by Dreamer » 08.05.2017, 19:52

Confirmed, 746, I remember this behavior when the files were in use.

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