[ Paste ] Shortcuts [STRUCTURE] & [ Paste ] Shortcuts [FLAT]

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[ Paste ] Shortcuts [STRUCTURE] & [ Paste ] Shortcuts [FLAT]

#1 Post by profrd » 18.06.2017, 06:21

Complementing my PREVIOUS post " [ Copy ] & [ Cut ] File Shortcuts [ DESTINATION ] Contents " [ http://forum.freecommander.com/viewtopi ... =20&t=7984 ], I would like also to Suggest the implementation of [ Paste ] Shortcuts [STRUCTURE] and [ Paste ] Shortcuts [FLAT] commands within the [ Edit ] menu panel.

If one selects a Directory folder in a Copy operation and then specify the traditional Paste Shortcut, just a single Shortcut to the selected folder is created.

What I am suggesting with [ Paste ] Shortcuts [STRUCTURE] command is the ability to copy the [ Hole ] Directory folder and subfolders [ Structure ] with each file contents within its subdirectories Pasted as a [ SHORTCUT ] to the corresponding Original file contents, following each subdirectory, ending up [ Replicating ] the Hole folder and subfolders [ Structure ] of the originally specified files ( selected in a Copy operation ), but with [ SHORTCUTS ] to all of them instead of their full content.

Another interesting option would be a [ Paste ] Shortcuts [FLAT] which in this case although Recursively following All folder and subfolders Structure from a specified Directory ( selected in a Copy operation ), instead of placing [ Shortcuts ] to them in the exact same Relative folder and subfolders locations ( as in [ Paste ] Shortcuts [STRUCTURE] ), do indeed proceed with a [FLAT] Pasting operation placing [ ALL ] Shortcuts in a Same and [ SINGLE ] destination place.

As indicated in my PREVIOUS post, it would be also interesting to Offer such New [ Paste ] Shortcuts options within the [ Copy with Dialog ] and [ Move with Dialog ] from the [ File ] menu panel.

Yours Sincerely, once more hoping to have provided valuable Directions for future Improvement of FreeCommander,

with my Best Wishes and Regards to All,

Prof. Ricardo Duarte

PS: If both POSTS Suggestions where ( someday ) Implemented, the [ Edit ] menu Panel would end up a bit more "enhanced" so as offer the following Options

[ Cut ]
[ Cut Shortcut Destination ]
[ Copy ]
[ Copy Shortcut Destination ]
[ Paste ]
[ Paste Shortcut ]
[ Paste Shortcuts Structure ]
[ Paste Shortcuts Flat ]

Its also interesting to note that in the case of NO conflicting file names ( withing all subdirectories ), if one proceed first with a [ Paste ] Shortcuts [FLAT], placing All [ Shortcuts ] to some Directory ( and its subdirectories ) contents to a Same and SINGLE [FLAT] place, and someday proceeds to Another Copy operation, but this time selects [ Paste ] Shortcuts [STRUCTURE], the original Hole Directory ( and subdirectory ) [ Relative ] folder Structure should be [ Recreated ] from the FLAT Shortcuts condensated at the Same and single place, thus allowing for both kinds of SHORTCUTS [ Compaction ] to a Single Place and [ Expansion ] to the Relative Structure operations to be Fully INTERCHANGEABLE.

The day the ( Brave ) FreeCommander Developers and ( Dedicated ) Contributors end up Implementing ALL the Suggestions from BOTH Posts would simply be a DREAM COME TRUE !!! ... and in Advance I acknolwge and bless any initiative in such Direction !
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Re: [ Paste ] Shortcuts [STRUCTURE] & [ Paste ] Shortcuts [F

#2 Post by profrd » 18.06.2017, 07:11

I think Some of the Desired Features and Solutions presented on the following Post

" Move without directories " [ http://forum.freecommander.com/viewtopi ... =20&t=7916 ]

are also of Great Value and interest, so as to Complement BOTH my previous Posts, pointing towards the implementation of another bunch of Features like:

[ Copy ] Structures [ONLY]

[ Paste ] Structures [ONLY] as Shortcuts

[ Move ] Files [ONLY] Preserving Original Structure

where the " [ Copy ] Structures [ONLY] " would proceed to Copying just the Directory and Subdirectory STRUCTURES ( as Empty Folders ) keeping the Same folder attributes on the Replicated DESTINATION Structure Created.

" [ Paste ] Structures [ONLY] as Shortcuts " would simply place SHORTCUTS just to the Relative FOLDER Directory STRUCTURE ( Without shortcuts to any file contents ), pointing Just to the Subfolder Structures from a specified Main Directory.

" [Move ] Files [ONLY] Preserving Original Structure " would KEEP the Original Folder STRUCTURE and Move Just the files contents from the specified Original folder ( and its subfolders ) placing them on a newly Created folder Structure ( replicating the Original one ).

Those above Proposed Features aside from being Offered as [Edit] subpanel Tags could be Also offered as [ Dialog ] OPTIONS from the [File] subpanel Menu.

Yours Sincerely, once More with Best Regards to All !

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