add just date variable for batch renaming

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add just date variable for batch renaming

#1 Post by therealjd » 28.08.2017, 20:46

Love the batch renamer in FC-XE

I saw there's a way to add date info to rename files which is great, but i only need date instead of date & time.

Could we have a couple more variable setup?

currently, in the batch renamer there's

[ d ] gives date (current)
[ dc ] gives date created
[ dm ] gives date modified

it's be nice to split the date/time to two variables

[ d ] gives current date only
[ t ] gives current time
[dt] date with time - current
[dtc] date with time - created
[dtm] - date with time - modified
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Re: add just date variable for batch renaming

#2 Post by Dreamer » 28.08.2017, 22:02

This is already available, you can set "date only" in "Timestamp format" field, e.g.:


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