Enable Multiple Simultaneous Operations

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Enable Multiple Simultaneous Operations

#1 Post by rjd » 08.09.2017, 04:36

In Windows File Explorer, it is possible to begin an operation (such as copying a file or folder to another drive) and then begin another while the first one is underway. This can be repeated multiple times, so several different copy operations can be going at once. It would be cool if FC could do the same. I discovered FC when File Explorer ceased opening after a Win 10 upgrade. FC has been very reliable and fast!

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Re: Enable Multiple Simultaneous Operations

#2 Post by alf5000 » 08.09.2017, 08:40

it's possible.
Tools --> Settings --> File/folder operations --> select Copy: Use FreeCommander
now start the copy-action with F5-key, you can start as many copy-actions with F5 as you like.
you still have Strg+C and Strg+V, but you can't start simultaneous copy-actions this way.

BTW: I prefer the Queue-option - it's worth having a look at it.
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