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Default search profile

Posted: 10.10.2017, 16:23
by ksharma
Feature request:

Please provide a way to specify default search profile. I rarely use freecommander to search in binary files. So I have a exclude filter for *.pdf;*.png;*.docx;*.jpg;*.zip;*.gif etc etc

However, I need to select and load the profile every time I search. It would be very convenient to be able to set a profile as default so that it is applied for all the searches.

Re: Default search profile

Posted: 11.10.2017, 16:10
by Timon
The only way I know to make your life a little bit easier - in 'Search files/folders' - Options - select 'Activate profiles tab first'

Re: Default search profile

Posted: 11.10.2017, 17:35
by Dreamer
I just tried this with default settings and it works:

- create profile 1, it will be used as default profile
- create profile 2, specify the exclude filter

This way, first time you open Search window, profile 1 will be used, so you can use it as default profile. If you want to use another profile with the filter, just select profile 2. You can use the Search toolbar button context menu to open Search window with specific profile.

Re: Default search profile

Posted: 11.10.2017, 17:44
by Timon
Excellent workaround!