Bolder border for selected thumbnail

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Bolder border for selected thumbnail

#1 Post by Context » 03.11.2017, 21:56

I've only used FreeCommander for a short while, but one shortcoming has jumped out to me:

The border around the currently-selected thumbnail image needs to be bolder. The current 2-pixel border is hard to distinguish from the 1-pixel "frame" around all the other ones ... at least not "at a glance". I'd like to see a 3-pixel border ... and maybe even a colored border just for the selected image.

(I've used the word 'shortcoming' reluctantly ... because, overall, I find FreeCommander to be a real "gem" with respect to the level of tailoring that can be done to closely match a user's needs ... whether those needs are simple or complex. This improvement would be icing on what is already a very good cake.)


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Re: Bolder border for selected thumbnail

#2 Post by Dreamer » 06.11.2017, 19:44


Alternatively different color could be added for focused and other thumbnails.

I don't use any border now, so I suggest also option to show border for focused thumbnail item only.

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Re: Bolder border for selected thumbnail

#3 Post by alf5000 » 06.11.2017, 20:46

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