Run external program when long operations complete

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Run external program when long operations complete

#1 Post by tafc » 06.11.2017, 22:55


If it takes longer than, say, five seconds, for a copy/move/delete operation to complete, when it is done I'd like to be able to execute an external program or .bat file that could let me send a notification or maybe turn on a blink1 USB light or have it announce it via text-to-speech... any of numerous ways I might want get notified.

Ideally I'd like FreeCommander to pass something to the external program:

- copy example: "3,139 files were copied to C:\Temp", either this phrase or three arguments: file count, file action, destination -- 3139 copied c:\temp

- move: same as above but have it pass "moved" for the file action

- delete: not quite as easy since there might be multiple folders, so maybe have it pass either the first file name or last file name or parent folder of the first/last file

Thanks for listening!


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Re: Run external program when long operations complete

#2 Post by Dreamer » 06.11.2017, 23:33

Hi Todd,

welcome to the FreeCommander forum.

It was requested before, but your form is unique, I like the idea with TTS (text-to-speech).

I think that "Queue" feature could be used for any operation (copy, move, delete...), I just don't know how to identify the time elapsed.

Of course, only Marek can decide, probably it's not easy to implement.

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