Features and Improvements I would like to see in the next version

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Features and Improvements I would like to see in the next version

#1 Post by mauimaui » 15.11.2017, 23:59

Is a good filemanager, anyway I never used the standard windows filemanager to manage my internal or external added filesystems; although from windows 8 there are some good added features than previous microsoft filemangers; like create by icon a new dir. At the same time I changed my Windows desktop context menu by registry to link some main programs I can launch from here.
For the rest I never use the previous windows Start menu due to the fact I always prefered to use double window filemanger of third part now, (since a double of years) called Freecommander, to handle, manage my main system, and remote multiple machines and launch the rest of the Windows functions and programs I use, linked from this filemanager interface.
Since many years I prefere always to use portable application as my tools

Luckly there is a portable version of this Freecommander that you can always use with your favourite configuaration in different machines and new installations and rebuilded systems that you have arleady configured as you like.
For some reasons like customization, commands and features FreeCommander could be generally better than the good TotalCommander.
Please send them a donation for this very great tool.

I would like to give you some suggestions about this useful applcation

1) Isn't possible to use internal Freecommander icons to refferring to external commands or programs
2) Isn't possible to mix or add inside a Standard_bar external commands or links to batch files or others programs.
3) Isn't possible to change the command order to the drop-down menu of Freecommander interface, example through an .ini file or add to them new external links or commands.
4) Isn't possible to create a new main drop-down Menu with our favourites internal, external tools although in Extra drop down menu is possible to add our favourite instuments as sub menu of the main Extra menu.
5) The feature like catalog maker (To create lists of directory trees and their files inside, where you can explore like virtual directories and files) available like external WCX plugin in Total Commander doesn't exist and doesn't work here.
6) I can't see any tool to find duplicates files as Example same size, inside the same or different directories
7) The pop up favourite menu Alt+Up is too long there are too many default voices, in my opinion is better to put just add_current_dir and add a configure option or sub menu for the rest of the voices.
8 ) If I select some files or Dirs then for my mistake I deselect them, isn't possible to select again my previous selected items.
9) Could be useful to create a tool where you can select multiple files to change the attributes like time creation, time modificaton or time access where you can choose the time for the first file and then you can increase this time about 1 or more seconds for the next selected files

That is almost all for now......

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