What icon instrument to order by file extension

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What icon instrument to order by file extension

#1 Post by mauimaui » 25.11.2017, 06:32

About FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 32-bit public I can't find a good instrument to order files by extension.

I found change order in general so if you click some times this icon the order files change in a few different ways. But about directories with many files I need to be sure that if I click one time the order is what I expected.

There are another two intruments where you can order by file extensions right panel or left panel, isn't better to get a function that works just on active panel?
For example with an icon placed at the end of the Name header column?
If I would like to place instrument to order by file extension, on the Address_bar, this bar isn't configurable in different way for the right and left part; so I need to have two different icons, one for the right panel and one for the left panel, both shown in each half section of this bar.

Thank you

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