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Cash not activated tabs

#1 Post by Forez » 06.12.2017, 20:27

I have noticed this annoying behavior of FC. When I reboot my system I have FC auto-loaded. And usually it has some tabs that are left over from my previous session. And the problem is this: my X drive is slow and noisy- it serves as an archive. And so I use a third party software that turns it off after 10 minutes of idle work- so most of the time it is turned off, because I use it only to make a copy a or retrieve one from it. And what happens it that whenever I reenter a folder that was not opened during current session, the drive has to wake up first- and that takes time, during which FC freezes. And to be specific, it seems that FC does scan sub-folder of a newly opened folder. So I just do not understand, why does not FC access in the beginning those folders on drive X that were opened in tabs the last time it was running?

It is like this: I enter my Windows, do whatever I need to. Drive X at some point turns off. After a while I see that I am running out of horizontal space for tabs- so I start to close those that are not pinned [because all important stuff or work to be done is pinned in my FC]. And there goes the problem manifesting itself- if one of those old / unwanted tabs have to display the location from the drive X, the drive has to turn on itself first- as if FC did not knew from the start that it already had that location in a tab "opened" ["opened" because I did not actually go to that location after a reboot]

So please make FC scan folders and maybe first level sub-folders of whatever is in tabs- and make it store that information, until these tabs are closed

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