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Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 14.12.2017, 17:00
by julian_ladbury
The latest OneDrive with the Windows Fall Creators Update includes new status icons that show, in standard File Explorer, the sync status of files and folders (see ... n-US&ad=US.

Can Free Commander add these icons?

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 27.08.2018, 11:47
by norecess
Supporting this request. It will worth much if we know whether the files are actually on the HDD or just in the cloud not using Windows Explorer.

Thank you.

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 04.10.2018, 21:12
by rht
yeah, i just got the fall build of windows 10....i 'm still trying to sort out the onedrive settings, but i can sure see that FreeCommander needs to support that flag...however its implemented...

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 10.12.2018, 14:50
by Mr-Fly
I support this reqeuest, too.
Recently started to use the Onedrive Feature more and I am missing this in FC

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 04.05.2020, 09:02
by ralfso
Old Topic, but for working with Microsoft OneDrive in Coronatimes it's really necessary to show the icon for the sync status of files and folders.

There are 2 available columns called "Status" but the first doesn't show an entry and the other shows a text with hundreds of characters like
"C600000031535053214A94... ... ... ... ... ...".
This does't correspond with the sync-status.

It's really annoying to open explorer every time to control if files are synchronized.

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 04.05.2020, 21:43
by m-a-r-k
Google Drive manages to do this by changing the file/folder icon so I guess it's something in the Google Drive API that does this not FreeCommander. My guess it's not something Marek can do without support in the OneDrive API.

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 04.05.2020, 22:00
by Mr-Fly
Totally different with google drive.
OneDrive connects to a filter driver, which collects the files from onedrive servers.
Additionally it is some additional attributes that are set (do attrib /? And you will see what additional attributes are there).
You can even configure the status of files with attrib, let them download, let them "free" space etc.

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 06.05.2020, 11:35
by nicolaufg
When doing "attrib", letter O seems to match my unsynced files (in one drive, not local). This is reported as "M" in FreeCommander under field "Attributes" (the one from Windows, not the one from FreeCommander in the column chooser list!!). I also see that letter "U" is related to files that used to be local but they are not anymore. I could find anything related to "Downloading" or other attribs (but I'm at work, so I was not very exhaustive).

All in all, it seems like the absence of letter "M" in FreeCommander is enough to report the file is local. I'll use this for now, but it would be nice to have full support for this (all the necessary information seems to be available in the Attribs and probably other things like shared, uploading, etc may be hidden somewhere deep in one of the hundreds funny fields associated to files).

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 06.05.2020, 12:03
by Mr-Fly
Thank you for the hint to the windows attributes instead of FC attributes.
So to be more exact in what I wrote:
P Pinned attribute
The file will always stay Offline available even in low diskspace conditions
explorer will show a filled grreen checkmark
U Unpinned attribute
The file is marked as to be freed up (content will not be held local)

None of the attributes:
File is locally available but can be freed if needed
Explorer will show a not-filled green checkmark

O "Offline"
Not quite sure, but this one is set if you do an attrib +U also
It looks like O gives you the best state, when O is active the file is definitely not there and is offline. if O is not there, the file is present, but might not be pinned.
Weird enough, FC will not show the "O" attribute in the windows attributes, instead it shows as you remarked the "M"

I just figured out something else when checking on this.
If I put the selection on a JPG, it looks like FC is reading the EXIF. This will download the file, even if it was not downloaded before!
I believe FC should check on the status before doing stuff like this. This can lead to very unpredictive behaviour

Re: Show OneDrive status icons

Posted: 06.05.2020, 12:24
by ralfso
Thanks also for the Tip to use windows attributes instead of FC attributes.

Additional Attribute:
I copied a big file to the local OneDrive-folder.
First there was only the Attribute A
After a while (synchronisation) Attributes show AL.

So maybe L is for synchronized.