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"Paste and go" for Folder Path instead of just "Paste"

Posted: 28.01.2018, 19:43
by Forez
Why can we use the cursor to paste a location in the Folder Path, but we cannot use it also to execute opening of it?

In Firefox when you have something in the clipboard you can either choose "Paste" or "Paste & Go", when you right click the address bar- which is very convenient, as I 99% of the time I want to go to [on the Internet] to precisely what I just pasted. So I can do it with two mouse clicks. But when I am in FreeCommander I have to also use the keyboard to go to [on a drive] to what I just pasted- which is often inconvenient, as I often do such simple operations when I am laying on a bed only with my wireless mouse [and so I have to open a virtual keyboard just to hit ENTER]

Re: "Paste and go" for Folder Path instead of just "Paste"

Posted: 28.01.2018, 20:00
by Dreamer
Already implemented, you can create a toolbar button, address bar button or sub-button for Copy button. The item is located in:

Folder > Paste address from clipboard and reload.

Re: "Paste and go" for Folder Path instead of just "Paste"

Posted: 27.02.2018, 20:58
by Forez
I do not know what you meant by
Dreamer wrote:
28.01.2018, 20:00
or sub-button for Copy button
but indeed I can add to e.g. Splitter an already existing icon "Pass address from clipboard and reload", which is located at the very bottom of Folder section of the Commands to choose from

Unfortunately this icon will utilize the existing tab and replace it with whatever is in the clipboard. And so, the closest I can get to a single click and no additional movement of mouse pointer with this seems to be a usege of two adjacently placed mini-icons on the address bar: "Creates and activates new folder tab" + that "Pass address from clipboard and reload". [That second one is deemed so useful than it is even present under the right click menu for address bar as the fourth position]

So how about merging in one those two commands ["Creates and activates new folder tab" + "Pass address from clipboard and reload"]; making them available under just one icon? Or adding that "Paste & Go" option under the right click menu?