Implement Python scripts system?

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Implement Python scripts system?

#1 Post by Lepes » 22.03.2018, 00:00

First of all: Thanks for FreeCommander, I have been using it as the only file explorer since Windows XP more or less (17 years... wow!!).

I searched but I didn't find anything about it. Sorry if it has been discussed before.

I think most "Features request" could be solved with this, because most of them are different and has different rules. A programmer can not implement all features in a program, but He could implemnent a "plugin system" that could solve any request.

Advanced users want to do some task that are now imposible, for example:
- read a html file (catalog software exported file list), compare filenames in that html file with folders and move the file to another folder if the file doesn't exists in html file list.
- backup tool: copy/move some important files/folder from one folder to another under some specific rules (I mean user decide what rules should be applied coding those rules in python).
- Actually you can create a file list inside freecomnander into a .txt file, but you can not go any further, I mean you can not compare two .txt files, get the new filenames and then move files from one folder to another automatically.

I suggest to include a Python interpreter inside FreeCommander so you can code whatever you like, you can read files, parse texts, access to file/folders (may be eventhough zip files), retrieve selected files from actual tabs, etc... and create a toolbar button/shortcut for it.

Python is easy to learn, simple to code, powerfull with string manipulations, there are tons of code on internet and portable to deploy (just distribute a zip file and 2 dlls with your Delphi application).

Of course Developer must include an API (set of functions from FreeCommander that are allowed to be used in python scripts, something like "from FreeCommanderLibrary import everything " and now you can retrieve actual file/folder selection in you python script using a function named fcActiveSel() ).

Create some functions that could "paint on FC file list screen" and people will be able to add tooltips boxes to some files, change extension color of some files, change background color for some files/folders, create new columns adding custom images... etc

Eventhough FC could check if a file called "" is present into a folder and automatically process that script for that specific folder.

Next step (if scripts are usefull, people are using it and so on) could be the ability to create a window from a script (PyQt, WxWidgets) , for those python scripts that requires some parameters to be introduced to run the script (dates, check boxes options, etc).

Now create a new subforum for python scripts and let users help each others.

I'm not sure, may be we actually can call python.exe and pass any script to it, but we don't have "FC capabilities" integrated.

Sorry for this long topic, but I really think that FreeCommander could be more than a file manager.

Usefull links:
Integrate python in other programming languages: ... ges#Delphi
python for Delphi:
Tutorial "how to include python scripts" step by step (OLD):


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Re: Implement Python scripts system?

#2 Post by GauravKadyan » 05.06.2018, 01:37

I second this motion.

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