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ALT + F9 folder space occupation calculation option needs adjustment

Posted: 26.03.2018, 14:41
by Forez
Please test a situation like that for yourselves:

1] You have a folder which has a lot of sub-folders, something like 200. For now they are sorted alphabetically

2] You switch to detailed view mode. As a result you might need to glance at all of the folders, because there are so many [if you want to see those which you do not see]. But you do not scroll, at least not yet

3] You activate the ALT + F9 option. As a result you see now the numbers representing the occupied space; assuming that you also have the Size Auto column turned on visible

4] You click the Size Auto column header to sort out the folders by their sizes, which were calculated a moment ago

5] You scroll to see other folders now. As a result you discover, that those other folders were not taken care off when the initial calculation was being done- because FC is apparently checking sizes of folders only when they are shown to the user in form of the list. And so you have to scroll through all of them- and only then once again click the Size Auto column to really sort [this time all of] them by size

Does anyone else think that this is counter productive? That in some circumstances [and when the user forgets about how FC really works] such an inadequate sort order might lead to some kind of errors in the workflow?

I do for sure- it is just annoying and user unfriendly behavior; than might had some sens a long time ago, when hard drives were very slow in comparison to modern technology of SSDs

FC should count all of the folders from the get go [when the ALT + F9 option is evoked]- starting with the visible ones first. And if FC would not be able to finish the count before the user starts to sort them out by size, FC should present in the beginning those not calculated folders- so that the user could notice them [with blank spaces instead of numbers] and as a result think something like: "Here goes this issues again- I probably need to wait a little longer and sort them once again if I want to see correct comprehensive results". And if ultra fast drives [M.2] would make such indication displayed for so little time, that it would not be noticeable any more by the user, then a delay of display should be executed in such situation [using SSDs I can still see that lack of calculation for only a split of a second]

Re: ALT + F9 folder space occupation calculation option needs adjustment

Posted: 03.09.2018, 20:17
by Forez
As a workaround I found this to do the trick, at least to some extent:

I simply first hit my icon for showing [thus calculating] the sizes [that ALT + F9 option]- and only a 1 second or 2 passes do I change the view to a detailed mode

This of course works as long as the hard drive is a quick one and all of the folders are visible in a single panel [not requiring scrolling to see all of them]- because only then I can count on all of the folders being actually calculated. And only if the hard drive is a noisy one, do I get to notice audibly when the calculation has ended- because if even as little as one folder was left out of such 1-2 second equation, then the sorting by the size will still show false [incomplete] results

Re: ALT + F9 folder space occupation calculation option needs adjustment

Posted: 05.09.2018, 17:05
by afh
off topic: Is it possible to change the shortcut from left alt + f9 to right alt + f9?

Re: ALT + F9 folder space occupation calculation option needs adjustment

Posted: 05.09.2018, 22:45
by Dreamer
Right Alt is not a standard, it works only with some keyboards / languages, so probably it's not possible.

Anyway, you can use any free keyboard shortcut for options you're using often.