A [new] tab in progress indication

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A [new] tab in progress indication

#1 Post by Forez » 17.04.2018, 15:19

I would like propose a new user friendly behavior

Among others, I have a slow and noisy HDD that I use for daily archive purposes. And I set it up to turn off itself after being idle for a couple of minutes, to save the energy and avoid tearing it down too soon and averting the annoying noise. And so, as a result of those turn offs every time I want something from that drive, my FreeCommander freezes up for a couple of seconds- until that slow dries starts to spin, thus becoming fully accessible. [Well, to be exact- not every time: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8341&p=26683]

So what if only the tab in which I am navigating, or the tab that I am trying to open via an icon shortcut from a favorite toolbar, would freeze up instead of the whole FC? Can it be done? Such tab could flash interchangeably colors of "highlight" and "hot track"; or some others colors set up by the user [or just display one color, also set up by the user for that specific purpose]- to indicate clearly what is happening [a work in progress]. Also the "file list" [the empty space, not yest filled with files / folders that are being read] could also be replaced with some user defined color

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