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An icon for Splitter combining CTRL+F2, ALT+F9 and Size Auto of Columns; and one more option

Posted: 17.04.2018, 15:49
by Forez
This is most likely a request of a science-fiction nature; but here it goes:

I would like to be able with a single click on a Splitter to be able to see all of my items sorted by the size [by the "Size Auto" Column], with that size being of course calculated [like when the ALT+F9 is pressed] and of course presented in form of a list displaying that size [thus the CTRL+F9]. This of course should be available in to version- with the ascending and the descending order. [Unfortunately, in order for this to really work, first this issue would have to be taken care off: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8535&p=27337]

And on top of that there could be one more addition: of sorting the folders the way as files [there already is an icon for that available for the Splitter]. So that would add up to 4 new icons

Right now I have to do all of these 3-4 maneuvers manually. And I do them often, trying to find out what is the most space consuming folder or item in a given folder. [And yes- there is a specialized software for things like that; but having FC as it is and FC being jack of all trades in regards to file handling, I prefer the latter option]