Reverse order in Quick Filer History

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Reverse order in Quick Filer History

#1 Post by Forez » 30.05.2018, 18:57

Under that triangle icon there is that unfolding itself list of recent filtering entries

But why is the most recent one at the very top? Because the numbering goes from top to bottom? Why? So that the user have to move the mouse pointer much more when the user wants to access the most recent one?

Just ask yourselves this question- is more probable that you will want to use the 1-3 most recent entries as a base for a new / repeated quick search? Or that you will remember that a month ago you searched for something via Quick Filter, something that you need to search right now for one more time conveniently via Quick Filter - and so you will think to yourself "how nice that this old entry is somewhere near that triangle icon" thus the mouse pointer?

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