Searching for Windows tags.

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Searching for Windows tags.

#1 Post by GauravKadyan » 04.06.2018, 01:42


TDLR: Add support for searching windows tags. By supprting searching string like "tags:xyz"

I have added "tools' in FreeCommander XE which can add/remove "tags" to files. Windows has supported tags since Windows 7. This works smoothly.
But I can't search the tags in FC. Instead I have another tool for FC which opens up windows explorer to perform the search. Through windows explorer I can search the tags.

I believe FC could become a whole lot powerful, with complete support for windows tags, but even supporting searching for tags would help create a complete solution with the help of thirdpart "tools" which I have.
Search for tags could be triggered by supporting search string like "tags:xyz", where "xyz" is the tag which we are searching for.


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