Stop font of Folder Path becoming bold when using Filter

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Stop font of Folder Path becoming bold when using Filter

#1 Post by Forez » 15.06.2018, 15:02

Under the ALT + Y there available is this window for using a filter

Unfortunately when it is used, the signs in Folder Path become Bold. And apparently, right now there is no way of defining this- yes, the user can change the color under the

Tools > Settings > View > Address Bar > Color / Font > Folder Path Filtered - Active Panel
Tools > Settings > View > Address Bar > Color / Font > Folder Path Filtered - Inactive Panel

but not the font itself [as it is controlled by the overall setting for the Folder Path]

I understand that the reason behind bold-ing of the font when using Filter is [most likely] to make it clear to the user that a different mode of view is being used- but is not this a task of the [definable] color? Within my own Color Schema [that I am constantly step by step working on] this is a huge problem; really. Because a long time ago I settled on a motion, that I will use red [later adjusted to dark red] for indicating filter related modes- for the purpose of [you guested it] warning me clearly, that I am using some kind of filter; so to not make some kind of wrong assumption thus generating errors from my following actions. But what becomes now with my Folder Path after executing ALT + Y option? The path is hardly readable- because I use grey and dark grey color in there. I tried using different kinds of red [even thought I do not intend to have in my Custom Colors more than one shade of red and I want to have in my CC all of the colors used throughout my Color Schema], but the result was always the same- the path was hard to read. And I have checked some other colors- and as it comes out [you guessed it] something like white, black or gold makes a good contrast there [the bolder Path suddenly becomes readable without a problem]. But I do not want other color that dark red, as I want to retain consistency in my Color Schema of meaning of special / rare color [as I also use that white, black and gold for other purposes / meanings]. And yes- I have checked, if without Bold applied to it, my font will be readable in dark red; it will, maybe not as much as I would want, but way more than when being Bold

So please, pleaaase, for Folder Path Filtered either:
A] make the user control the Bold factor; or
B] get rid of the Bold effect and leave the Regular font as the default [and only] one; or
C] automatically use the settings of ordinary Folder Path font [that currently I fully controlled by the user]

Any of those three solution will make my display related problem go away

And in relation to that ALT + Y window: how do I clear the list for the box "Show only the following files"?

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