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Quick Filter reverse button

Posted: 15.06.2018, 13:18
by Forez
I would like to propose addition of new option, that would simply reverse the Quick Filter search results

So that for example if the user is looking for "aaa", and put that in the Quick Filter search box on the bottom and gets all the result meeting that criteria- the user could simply push a button near that box and see the opposite [with items meeting the "aaa" criteria being then hidden]

Of course this option could be extended for other filter features within the FC. And also what would be important: if this was to be implemented, a new background color would have to be defined [so that the current filter and such new reverse-filter would not be confused by the user]

With some other software [like Mp3tag:], a feature like that could be a problem. But FreeCommander already has built in the Container- so maybe some [new form of] Container [containing search results] could be used [in the background] for that?