long filename and path support

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long filename and path support

#1 Post by SimonSecond » 22.11.2018, 18:34

NTFS supports deep and long filepaths since years but only since Windows 10 1803 there is Explorer support to use them. But even the Windows Explorer and the TotalCommander have still some problems. Especially with VSS recovery or "invalid" characters. A space at the end of a file or foldername is a hard problem for windows.
If FreeCommander could support this, it would be a dream. :)

Kind regards,

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Re: long filename and path support

#2 Post by klausisbruch » 29.01.2020, 14:33

I have the same problem/request :-)

I have a build system for java programming, and java is notorious in working with veeeery long path/filenames, by creating many subdirectories.
Quickly, the current length limit of the latest FreeCommander donor version is exceeded, especially if attempting to copy or move the whole directory tree to some folder, which also already sits several subfolders deep.

Funny thing is, I can walk down such a veeery long directory tree in FreeCommander, but I cannot use FreeCommanders copy or move functions to get files there.

The request for FreeCommander is to support the path/filename length supported by the file system, which is 32.000 characters for NTFS, for copy/move/delete/zip/unzip/find,... etc.
Thanks, Klaus

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Re: long filename and path support

#3 Post by Marek » 05.02.2020, 20:01

Long path support is improved in the release 813.

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