Multi select items using checkbox

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Multi select items using checkbox

#1 Post by stavares » 10.03.2019, 23:08

I am disabled, I only have the use of one hand. Using multi-key commands are impossible for me. ... 5qNFNhZWlB


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Re: Multi select items using checkbox

#2 Post by Dreamer » 11.03.2019, 22:12 ... Checkboxes

My suggestions:
- NC-mode
- right mouse button to select
- Insert or Space key for selecting
- shortcut or toolbar button to select same extension

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Re: Multi select items using checkbox

#3 Post by Forez » 12.03.2019, 23:43

How about using a game pad or joystick, that has a software which defines hot keys? Or just a gamer's mouse with a lot of additional buttons?

I use a certain game pad for controlling Winamp when I am in Windows [during various things] and for controlling Winamp and executing macros when playing games. I just need to run the software and my remote control starts working, while in the latter case open the game via it. In a matter of fact I am able to play my favorite game with game pad and mouse when laying on a bed, disregarding the need of keyboard usage; although it is not perfect

And if I can use that pad also for Corel DRAW, then I see no reason it should not work with FreeCommander

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